Master The Pixie Cut & Learn How To Produce The Perfect Polished Pixie!

Introducing The Pixie Code...

Hi, Marquetta Breslin here. As a woman who absolutely loves a cute pixie cut, I understand how important it is to finda stylist that understands the intricacies of a beautiful short hair cut. Mastering the pixie takes time, and patience and quite frankly, there are not too many stylists that know how to prduce a beautiful pixie cut.

Most stylists struggle when it comes to booking and keeping clients with short hair. The main reason is that there are critical steps they’re missing that they don’t even know exist. Unfortunately, there's a ton of money left on the table, and average has become the new normal. Don't be that stylist.

Now you can finally produce those flawless short haircuts for your clients and potentially increase your income.  Join Master Stylist Mojazzy as she breaks down The Pixie Code in this highly anticipated online training course!

You’ll be able to follow Mojazzy's perfected hair cutting system that she has spent over 25 years developing, and, has her booked two months in advance with clients that can't wait to see her. In this course, you’ll learn the secret behind Mojazzy's specific tools and products. Miss just one step and you could ruin the entire style. Her product recommendations and techniques alone will make your work look incredible, and your clients begging for more!

You’ll also explore how your body and finger positioning could potentially destroy ANY type of haircut. One wrong move here, and you could cut your client's hair WAY too short!

And lastly, you'll discover how to create the 3 P’s…the perfect, polished, pixie!

Most stylists stop at styling, and it costs them clients and money, and maybe even their reputation.

Finally, as a special bonus, Mojazzy will teach you her specific Instagram strategies that has helped her build a following of over 28 thousand fans. Most stylists are wasting way too much time and money making all the wrong moves, let Mojazzy teach you how to save time, money, and build a sustainable brand and income, that continues to pay off for years to come.

With Mojazzy Online Education you'll get lifetime access and a front row seat to The Pixie Code. You can finally give your clients the beautiful short precision cut they’ve been waiting for!

Make more money, acquire new clients, and go from overlooked, to fully booked!

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