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Dear Stylist,

I’m sure you’ve seen it before….

Some lady walking around with her hair so “jacked up” that you ask yourself, “I wonder who does her hair?”

Let me tell you, in the salon business, word of mouth marketing is everything. You want people talking about you… but you want them saying good things.

You want your clients walking out saying, “This is the best haircut I’ve ever had!”

Get this right, and your clients will absolutely love you. Get it wrong and… well, nobody wants to think about that.

Today, I’m excited to introduce a fail-proof way to make sure you WOW your clients, each time… every time….

I call it Cutting Mastery: A Complete Course for Mastering the Art of Cutting Hair.

When your reputation is on the line, you’ve got to make sure you have every advantage. Cutting Mastery will provide all the “know how” you need to give your clients the best haircuts they’ve ever had.

Here’s what’s included….


Cutting 101

  • The most important thing you must understand in order to give a great haircut.
  • The 4 special points on your head that will determine how every single one of your haircuts comes out. You really have to know this stuff cold if you want to make sure your cuts are awesome.
  • The one area of the head you really have to watch closely when you’re cutting. If you use too much tension in this area, you run the risk of ruining your entire cut.
  • What you need to know about the hairline and growth pattern to make sure your cuts look great!
  • Discover the types of haircuts that work for different combinations of hair texture and density. Choose the WRONG cut and you’ll be in trouble. Choose the right cut, and you’ll make your job a whole lot easier.
  • Get the scoop on the top 10 haircutting tools you need to get started. You’ll discover how to save money and make smart choices!
  • You’ll see the right way to hold your shears. Don’t be sloppy with this. It’ll make a huge difference in the quality of your cuts if you master this skill!

Cutting 201

  • Peek over my shoulder as I go in depth into two of the most basic cuts you have to know: the 0-degree cut and the 180-degree cut. Get these down, and you’ll see a huge boost in your confidence.
  • Hair cutting is much easier when you ______. This one secret alone is worth the entire price of the system!
  • Any time you’re dealing with hair that is tangled, you always, always, always want to do this. It’s the smart way to detangle hair.
  • Learn a quick way to determine where your client’s hair naturally parts. This might sound simple, but getting it right is very important for a great haircut.
  • Discover a way to avoid a common cutting habit that puts you at risk for cutting your own fingers. Ouch!
  • The one hair-cutting technique you really want to master that can save you a ton of time! Plus, it’s the mark of a true professional.
  • Watch me demonstrate the smart way to cut layers. There are a million ways to cut hair, but all you need is a way that works… every time.

Cutting 301

  • The one haircut you need to master before you even think about doing a 45-degree cut.
  • Discover a cool trick for dealing with hair that starts to kick out at the ends. This trick will fix it fast!
  • What does a 45 degree haircut really mean? There’s some confusion about this, and I will help you clear it up to make sure you know what you’re talking about.
  • What you should do if you drop your comb on the floor when you’re working with a client. There’s actually a rule about what to do, and you need to know it.
  • Hear my tips for dealing with times when one side of your cut looks perfect and the other side doesn’t. I’ll explain why this happens and what you can do about it.
  • Find out my favorite type of clip and why they are so effective when you’re cutting hair.
  • The one thing you want to make sure you do when you’re learning how to do a 90-degree cut. Remembering this will save you from a ton of frustration.

Cutting 401

  • Discover the one reason I don't use thinning shears to texturize the ends of hair. When you hear my explanation, you might think twice about doing this. Plus, I'll show you the way to do it right.
  • The reason you should know how to point cut. And how you can use this simple technique to get the texture of your cuts just right.
  • Want to know how to thin hair without creating lines? Then you won’t want to miss me showing you how to do it.
  • Get a crash course in doing a razor cut that looks great!
  • The difference between point cutting and notching. I'll explain the difference and show you my favorite way to use notching. It’s a proven way to get your hair to lay beautifully.
  • Find out how to thin hair with shears the right way. Plus, discover the one area you NEVER want to touch when you’re thinning.
  • How to create permanent volume with your shears… by actually cutting more hair!

Shears and Face Shapes Booklet, Handouts and Quick Start Guide

  • Discover the different types of steel used to make shears. You might think this sounds totally boring, but trust me, you don’t want your clients finding out you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to choosing quality shears.
  • Find out the shears I personally use and recommend. This information alone will save you hundreds of dollars!
  • Learn why to never buy ________ shears. These never last and you'll waste your money.
  • Determine the right time to sharpen your shears. Most stylists wait too long and end up sending their shears to an early grave!
  • Get a clear understanding of why all styles don't work for every face shape. If you want to give awesome cuts, you really have to know this.
  • Learn a simple little trick you can share with your clients that will help them understand their true face shape and how to use that knowledge to look great!

It's Decision Time…

I’ve never released anything packed with as much value as Cutting Mastery. For less than some people spend on a month’s worth of coffee runs at Starbucks®, you can have a complete “how to do it” system for cutting hair right.

Think of Cutting Mastery as your secret “insurance policy” to make sure you’re never caught giving a haircut that’s less than awesome!

Just imagine what your life will be like when your clients start raving about you to all their friends. How do you think that will be for business?

I have to tell you, absolutely “WOWING” a client is one of the best feelings in the world. And with what you’ll discover in Cutting Mastery, you’re going to have everything you need to do it over and over again.

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Be Blessed,

Marquetta Breslin

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