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Dear Beauty Professional,

Today I want to tell you about one of the most profitable ways to increase your income in your beauty business by simply offering some unique services to your current clients.

You're not learning anything new, you're simply going to refresh and enhance what you already know to make it work in your favor.

When you implement what you learn, you'll add the additional income you need to your beauty business, and you'll have clients re-booking over and over again.

Forget about your current situation, it's time to consider your future and the future of your business with these skills that are VERY easy to put to use.

What I'm about to explain to you can help you add an extra $350 to your income this month without adding new clients, and that's with just one technique!

The beauty industry is a $95-billion-dollar industry with next year looking to make a significant increase making way for countless opportunities. And guess what…It's only going to get bigger!

How Elizabeth Jennings became a Master Esthetician

Elizabeth started her journey working part time as a massage therapist and was then forced to go full time when she was let go from her job as a Legal Assistant.

Instead of giving up, Elizabeth pushed herself even harder to go back to school to become a licensed Esthetician.

She started working as a booth renter, then eventually opened up her first location, second, and now she has three locations using the same techniques that she now teaches and trains her staff to use.

What she learned during this process was that school only teaches you the basics. In order to really grow in this industry, you've got to be willing to invest in yourself and your career.

Now… Elizabeth is at the top of her game and is ready to transfer her years of knowledge from building a successful multi-location spa over to you.

We've just put the finishing touches on the “How To Profit From Esthetics” comprehensive course which contains some of the same techniques and services Elizabeth offers in all three of her locations…


This is a comprehensive step by step course to teach you…

  • The proper way to wax brows. Most specialists just wax your brows and send you out, Elizabeth will show you her full service brow method that keeps clients coming back.
  • The best way to do a Microdermabrasion. There's a method to the madness that you've got to follow to give your clients the best possible results.
  • The proper way to do Dermaplaning. There's more to it than just shaving the face. There are critical steps that you must take before you start the dermaplaning process.
  • Proper cluster lash application. You'll never have to send your client out with heavy uncomfortable lashes. With this 30-minute service you'll be able to give your client a quick and easy lash service that looks natural.
  • Give your client an amazing Eyelash Lift service that will have their lashes looking amazing! Learn from the Lash Guru herself, Elizabeth exactly how is should be done to enhance your client’s natural brows.

And so much more!

By investing in this course you're giving yourself the opportunity to increase your income by just adding one, two, or a few of these services to what you're already offering.

Let me break it down for you…

Let's say you add two additional services to your current clientele…

1. Lip Treatment $15

2. Hand Treatment $20

If 10 clients per month take you up on both of these add-on services that's a total of $350 per month.

$350 X 12 Months = $4,200

And that's with just 2 simple services!

Imagine how much more you could be offering?

How To Profit From Esthetics

Here's exactly what you get when you invest in this course…

  • Module 1: Skin Care
  • Module 2: Waxing 101
  • Module 3: Dermaplaning
  • Module 4: Eyelash Lift
  • Module 5: Cluster Lashes
  • Module 6: Simple Beauty Add-Ons

Module 1: Skin Care

  • Peek over my shoulder as Elizabeth goes in depth in depth about the must haves when performing the best facial your client has ever experienced.
  • Skin Care is much more comfortable for you client when you______. This one secret alone is worth the entire price of the system!
  • Learn a the proper tools and supplies you'll need to perform a proper facial. This might sound simple, but using the right tools is very important for a great facial.
  • Watch Elizabeth demonstrate the best technique for microderm abrasion. There are a million different techniques, but all you need is a way that works… every time.

Module 2: Waxing 101

  • The one thing you must do to before you even think about performing this service on your client.
  • Should you go against the growth pattern or with it? Most people think it's one way, but Elizabeth sets the record staight so you'll never make that mistake again.
  • Learn how to hold the client's skin to reduce the “stinging” sensation when waxing.
  • Find out how and when to use hard and soft wax. Get this wrong and it could end in a complete disaster.
  • Brow shaping is extremely important. Look over Elizabeth's shoulder as she teaches you step by step how to shape the brows to give your client a complete brow service.

Module 3: Dermaplaning

  • Discover the step by step process for dermaplaning that will have your client's skin baby smooth.
  • Your tools are everything. Learn the exact tools you'll need for optimal results.
  • Never use the blade near the _____. If you don't know this, you could damage your client's skin!
  • Not everyone is a candidate for this service, you'll learn who NOT to perform this service on.

Module 4: Eyelash Lift

  • Learn from the expert how to do the proper consultation for your client. You'll learn how to ask the right questions to get great results every single time!
  • Discover what tools you'll need to perform this service. Having to work so close to the eyes, this is the most critical step in the lifting process.
  • There's a method to the madness. Ensure proper application every single time with Elizabeth's proprietary method for performign this service.

Module 5: Cluster Lashes

  • Learn the critical step that you must complete before you even begin the cluster lash application process.
  • Discover Elizabeth's proprietary method for attaching cluster lashes the right way.
  • Never use the same size lash on the entire lash. Elizabeth will show you the exact sizes and how to apply them.
  • Cluster lashes shouldn't look like full strip lashes. Watch Elizabeth show you a natural application.

Module 6: Simple Beauty Add-Ons

  • Discover two simple and easy techniques to add to your every day services to instantly increase your income.
  • Learn relaxing massage techniques to relax your clients as you perform these services.
  • Learn a critical step in performing the lip service. You'll blow your clients away when you share this tip with them.

This course teaches you everything you need to know to begin performing these services immediately. Elizabeth takes you step by step through each process giving you tons of tips, tricks, and so much more!

And the best part is, you don’t have to wait for a product to arrive, it will be available for you to start learning immediately.

After going through the course, you'll have ALL of the tools you need to catapult your business to success. But it's all up to you…

Now, before I even mention a price, let me just tell you how simple and EASY this decision really is. You risk nothing…You're fully backed by our

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